Gob charged at Michael with the scissors, but Michael as he always did picked rock.

Which beat scissors.

Unfortunately the whole incident was covered by the paper. 

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Maternity Outfit of the day😁 #mootd #haha #kanyakanyanghashtag #serinaman #happylang #newbalance574 #nb #babybump #littlezeeric

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Monica and Chandler were like the only tv couple who never broke up… ☺️

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Two doctors on a British Airways flight performed a surgery on a woman with a collapsed lung by using a urinary catheter, a wire hanger, a half-filled bottle of Evian, and some 5-star brandy from first class. They not only saved her life, but she was back to normal within 15 minutes. Source

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ten movies everyone should see → 13 Going On 30
↳”I wanna be thirty and flirty and thriving.”

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